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It's true...your plumbing needs maintenance. If your faucets have

a small leak and you don’t get it fixed, it could waste many

gallons of water and increase your water bill over time.

Your emergency shutoff valve is also important to keep maintained

and working properly, or it could malfunction and cause damage.

If your emergency shutoff valve failed when you need it most,

it could cost you thousands in damages and repairs.

Other plumbing issues that could go wrong and are costly

to have repaired could possibly be prevented by calling

North Coast Plumbing Heating & Sheet Metal

and having us do a maintenance inspection.

Maintenance Inspections Includes:

  • Test and Check Water Heater for gas leaks, water leaks, electrical shorts, obstructions, or other safety related items.

  • Dye Testing of Toilets: Dye testing helps determine if any of the toilets in your home have any leaks.

  • Check All Sink Piping: The traps in your sink piping can also become corroded and deteriorate if not maintained and replaced as needed.

  • Check All Fixture Drains: If your fixture drains are not able to freely run, they will become clogged, causing water to back up.

  • Check All Outside Faucets for Leaks: Leaks can be very costly if left unrepaired.

  • Check All Washing Machine Hoses: Hoses deteriorate with age and can rupture, causing damage.

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With over 35 years of serving Fort Bragg and

Mendocino County, we do the job right the first time.